Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flash Back- the thrift bread store and Pies Men Like

Ahh, a trip with Mom to the thrifty day old bread store. I couldn't ever give up hope that one day some day Mom would give in to my pathetic, deprived child act when I would lovingly, longingly loiter around the Hostess Snoballs cupcakes. They were so inviting and temping with their crinkly plastic wrapper and the bright white coconut coating stuck on all that marshmallowy gooeyness and inside that was cake with a cream center!! Surely Mom would have to eventually cave in and buy one for me wouldn't she? But alas, those trips in the family station wagon to the thrifty bread store never failed to be predictable. Bread. Boring ol' bread. Maybe an occasional package of brown and serve dinner rolls. But darn it, NO Snoballs for me. The worst disappointment was when they had bright pink Snoballs on the shelf, and displayed right at my child size height. It was a plot, I was sure of it. Put them there so the kid can drive the mom crazy with wanton desire of a sweet treat. A mom would say "yes" in a split second of weakness. Not my mom! I must admit I am not as steadfast with my kids. They seem wear on my nerves until they wear me down. I do buy them treats now and then. But that's because I do not want them to have thoughts haunt their memories as adults. I'm just saying that there has never been a time when I have seen these in the grocery store or especially in the check out line that I haven't had a twinge in my tummy, thinking back to the deep seated denial of Snoballs in a crinkly plastic wrapper. A station wagon filled with bags of day old boring bread is just not exciting. Admit it!

This is the front and back of a vintage cookbook pamphlet I have. I think it is a hoot! Pies Men Like, indeed. I haven't met a pie that a man hasn't liked, in my family anyhow!!
There is a little restaurant not too far from us that serves home made pie with meringue so high that you need to practically sit in a booster seat to see over the top!
My dad prefers pie to cake and often asked for a birthday pie instead of a traditional birthday cake.


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Omigosh, I have the same memory of pink snowballs and boring day old bread. I don't recall vividly being denied the sweet fluffy yummy dessert, but I remember the taste and comfort of those heavenly treats! Thanks for seeing my quatrefoil chairs!

a portland granny said...

Those snowballs bring back memories. As kids, we used to beg for those at the store, but I only remember getting them a couple of times! They were always on a shelf with Hostess Chocolate cupcakes, which we never got either. I love your pictures that bring walks down memory lane!

Mad Red Hare said...

I still love those snowballs, and for some reason, when they are pink or green, they taste better! Not really, just the color makes it feel that way!