Friday, January 9, 2009

slow down

Photo - N. and sweetie snoozing together last Fall.
Something I had written on a piece of scrap paper one day a few weeks ago in scribbly, quick writing:
As I think of how many times I seem to repeat myself about Legos being picked up or bed time being stalled, I pause to remember something. Before I know it my boy will be a teenager and have a deep voice, broad shoulders and surely tower over me and even his tall Dad. Then in the blink of an eye he will be a man like all my nephews now are (when did that happen?) and I will wish for and need to have days and moments like this one. The one when he cuddles under a the quilt next to me to watch Santa Claus Is Coming To Town for the 15th time this season. Surely these are the moments that will stand the test of time.


Shelley said...

They do grow up oh so fast.....cute picture!


Lori said...

My sweet Amy, this is so very true! What I wouldn't give for my 25,23 and almost 21 year old guys to be little and have Hot Wheels everywhere! Could you please stop by? I have a favor to ask on my post. Love ya, Lori you can always find a way to melt my heart with even the simplest post!

a portland granny said...

They do grow up too quickly. I find the grandchildren even grow up more quickly! As I listen to my 15 year old grandson's cracking voice, I think to my self that he should still be climbing onto my lap for a story!! Treasure the minutes with that sweet boy of yours...for you are right about what counts.