Friday, February 6, 2009

non melting snowmen, snowflakes and vintage Valentines

I usually have my snowmen packed away by February 1st. They always stay up after the truly Christmas items have been packed but I usually don't mix them with Valentine's decor.
This year I must admit I have had a harder time letting go of them. They are finally going to be retired tomorrow to return next year.

We have had one of the snowiest Winters in a long long time. I love the snow and I love Winter. I just don't love the bitter cold that seems to be still hanging on. I am tired of the single digit temperatures and below zero wind chills that are commonplace on the daily news report.
Tomorrow it is supposed to raise above the freezing mark on the thermometer. I almost forgot what that feels like, to be able to walk outside without your eyelashes feeling like they will freeze and snap off and not needing to have every bit of skin covered that you possibly can cover.

I must admit I am going to be slower about taking down my paper snowflakes from all the windows. They just look so pretty with the world outside every window all draped in white.

Even when I do start taking them down it will still take about 2 days to carefully remove the tiny pieces of tape rolls on the backs and store them safely away for the 17th year. And OF COURSE I have added more this year, as I always do.

So, snowflakes and Valentines are living side by side in my Ohio house this year!

Snowflakes go with Valentine's like Milk Glass goes with Valentines.

Two of my favorite things: snowflakes and vintage Valentines!!

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Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Thealentines came today Amy. I hope you have the money order. I love them all so much....Thanks...m.