Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flash Back- cartoons

This time I have shuffled my music around to play some old favorites from baby boomer years that were all about fun and cartoons. Here are some of my favorite cartoon memories from the days BEFORE you could watch them any hour of any day on cable TV...

[ The Muppet Show, produced by Jim Henson,
originally aired from 1976-1981]
Although not really a cartoon, The Muppet Show was a fun event to look forward to and watch on TV. No matter that I was growing up, I certainly wasn't growing out of the desire to watch funny shows like this one. Actually, my Mom enjoyed this show as much as I, I suspect!! I loved the two old guys in the balcony shooting insults and sarcasm. The many stars and famous people that would join the Muppet characters each episode was always a highlight. Who was your favorite Jim Henson character?

[Rocky and Bullwinkle
first broadcast on network television in 1959]
I always liked Rocky, the intellectual, the best of the duo. Rocky and Bullwinkle had lots of friends that were a part of their show, too. I absolutely loved the Fractured Fairy Tales episodes. This was one cartoon that I remember hating to have to come to an end each time I watched it. I don't recall feeling that way about any of the many, many other cartoons I watched while growing up.

[ The Jetsons first premiered
on Sunday nights in prime time in 1962/1963
before going to Saturday mornings]
We all thought the future would be like this! Right? Pushing buttons to get breakfast on the table and flying saucer cars. But did you notice that in the future there are still grumpy demanding bosses? (Mr. Spacely) Why couldn't the future and all its wondrous advances change that ?
I liked Judy the best because when I was a little girl watching it I thought that all teenage girls were cool- (I didn't have any sisters). Although, I often now wish I had a Rosie (maid)!! Who did you like best?

[Josie and the Pussycats,
Hanna -Barbera, originally aired from 1970-1976]
Josie and the Pussycats was just a silly and fun show all around. Mostly silly. Sebastian the cat was my favorite, as he usually was the one to save the day!! I also really liked watching The Archie Show, which was the counterpart to this cartoon. Those two cartoons always had songs in them which was also pretty groovy!!

Thanks to DVD, my kids are enjoying the fun of these shows. And so it goes, the joy passed from one generation to the next. I'd love to hear your memories and favorites!!


Shelley said...

I enjoyed these cartoons as a child......thanks for the reminder!
Have a blessed Lord's day.

Lori said...

"Its time to put on make-up, its time to light the lights!" Oh my son Mikie adored the Muppets!! Adorable post! Love,Lori

Joyfulsister said...

LOL you and I must be around the same age!!! I loved those cartoons too.