Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flash Back- childhood drafting

I used to draw like I was some famous draftsman/architect when I was in high school and had more time to play with pencils and paints (one of the many advantages of being a kid is not having the responsibility of making sure 5 people have clean laundry to wear, Ugh! Oh sorry. Was I slipping into a complaining mode?!)

...Back to drawing like a draftsman/architect... I would endlessly draw the outline of our house like a blue print but then I would switch the rooms all around and make up new rooms (a library was always included!) and new windows (always a bay or bow window with a roomy window seat with secret storage underneath) and a new front door (always a grand double front door with wonderful set in windows). Many times there were a ridiculous amount of bedrooms and bathrooms (I could have an imaginary maid to clean anyway, right?) but to fit that many bedrooms and bathrooms into the true outline of the real house it meant sacrificing other rooms like the kitchen or living room -which was not such a smart draftsman/architect strategy. ..thus the endlessly drawn floor plans!!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that there was often a staircase which lead to nowhere!! I always, always dreamed of a grand staircase- but my own silly unwritten rule was to use the real outline of the real house which was a 1950s ranch house. Here's a testament to just how weird a kid I was= sometimes when I was walking down the hall to my bedroom, I would act out the motions of climbing an imaginary staircase before I would reach the doorway of my real bedroom. I had issues, right?!

As you can see by the photos of my paper tablet pages, I still have the large pad of blueprint drawings I made as a young draftsman/architect. I am surprisingly impressed with my creations *patting myself on the back* as I look back with adult judging eyes. As an adult my love of books and libraries and staircases and window seats and drawing have stuck with me.

But now I'm off to do that laundry for 5 people...but maybe, just maybe I'll walk through my imaginary library room and take the imaginary steps up the grand staircase before I do!!

Some of you new to my blog may not know that I still live in the same ranch house that I have always lived in- my ENTIRE life. My Dad built it in the 1950s and I inherited it after caring for my Mom through her many years of cancer.

This one above took a daring approach as I enlarged the total outline of the original house to allow for so many more made up rooms. I think you can click on this photo to enlarge it so you can have a chuckle at my past teenage dreamer expense, go ahead, I don't mind your chuckles!!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

love the way your mind works!

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

How wonderful that you live in your childhood home. My sister by marriage lives in the family home that was built by their dad. I was so glad that she was able to take it over when mom passed away a few years ago.
As a pre-teen I used to dream of having a house by a pond with a bush/woods nearby.
I do have a swimming pool and lots of trees so I guess that is pretty close isn't it? LOL!
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.