Sunday, May 31, 2009

A's last concert

A performed in her last 7th grade concert last week. She looked so grown up to me. Oh how much she has changed since 6th grade!!
She really enjoys school and says she will hate to leave junior high after next school year. She is looking forward to 8th grade but is sad to have this year come to an end. She has made so many great friends this past year. I remember that feeling of "What if my friends don't have the same classes as me next year?"
A will receive her awards for the school year in a special ceremony this coming Friday. You can bet I will post about that!!! You won't mind a little proud parent bragging, will you, as I throw my shoulders back and toot the horn?~how do you like that pun to go with these photos?

A is definitely her own person but I do see a lot of myself at that age in her. Her expressions (both facial and narrative) and likes and dislikes. It is fun and kind of strange at the same time to see yourself in your child isn't it?! One day she came out of her room wearing her hair a certain way with MY "old" (haha) hair clips. She plopped down on the couch and I just stared at her. Once I could collect my words to make them come out of my mouth I told her that it was scary how I wore my hair that same way with those very hair clips at the same age!
[Insert the Twilight Zone theme music here!]

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