Friday, June 12, 2009

toot the horn!

Please skip this post if you are rolling your eyes about a Mother being proud of her child.
I am announcing the list of awards that A (age 13, 7th grade) received at an assembly the last Friday of school .
1. Advanced Math
2. GATE (Gifted And Talented Education)
3. Language Arts
4. Science
5. Social Studies
6. Art
7. Band (French Horn)
8. Phys-Ed
All the above classes held a 93% or higher grade throughout the entire year
9. Year Book Staff Photographer
10. A+ Mentor (tutoring other students)
11. Quiz Bowl Team
12. Perfect Attendance Record

N, age 8 1/2 going into the 3rd grade, will be tested for 2 hours on Monday to qualify for the GATE program also. I will keep you posted.
A has been in the GATE program since early elementary school.

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