Friday, August 14, 2009

days at the lake

E. and N. often ask to go to the lake nearby. They both like to fish...a LOT!
We've gone several times this summer. These photos are from more than one trip.

They go out to dig worms in our back yard compost pile. There are usually plenty of wiggly worms to be had in the rich soil. N. has finally decided it is ok to bait his own hook.

E. is very serious about her tackle box she got about a year or so ago, and she loves to organize it over and over and experiment with different lures and bobbers and weights.

They mostly catch small fish and occasionally a larger one or two. Most are unhooked and gently returned to the lake. Last Summer E. caught one that was 26 inches and had an 8 inch Perch in it's stomach. We know this because she brought that one home to be served for dinner! It was yummy. After the fact, we found out that she could have won a state of Ohio award for teens with that type fish but we didn't take a picture until it was being cut up. (Oops!) I would share that photo with you but it isn't very appealing (honest!).
I usually bring a book and sit in the shade and relax while they fish. I burn easily and have to avoid a lot of direct sun. There are picnic tables all around so it is not hard to find at least one of them that is shaded. Sometimes I move from table to table chasing the shade.

Out in the water there are people in paddle boats, kayaks and rowboats. There is a swimming area away from the fishing areas. People are walking and jogging and mom's are pushing strollers. It is soothing to listen to the birds in the high tree branches and the breeze blowing through the leaves.

Just watch out for the droppings as you walk across the grass!!


She'sSewPretty said...

When I was a kid, way back when, we lived in Maryland. My dad fished almost every day. Nowadays, we drive by the river and I think how nice it would be to stop and sit there with a fishing pole. One of these days....

Lori said...

Hi Amy! Oh those geese can be so mean!!! I haven't fished since 07! I miss being on the water especially early evening at sunset. Today its still raining here and seriously COOL! Like you need a jacket cool! Our leaves in spots are changing to! Sending you a hug,Lori