Thursday, August 27, 2009

sweet baby

Click to enlarge
then right click and save these vintage mystery people photo snapshots---
you may use these sweet photos any way you wish....
just as long as you promise to have FUN!

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Lori said...

Hi Amy
Sorry I haven't been around. I have been so worried about this mediation with lawyers next Tuesday and guess what??Its been canceled last minute, the other lawyer needs more time. O.K. Its been almost three years, how much more time?? So I'm kinda sad, no Disney in September now for me, and no school money in yet, so no text books for Mondays first class! Kinda feel rotten apples falling around me! Yes you are "way cool" you roller coaster mom! Your daughter sounds fabulous and her talent remarkable! Group in school? Yeah, I was in one, the group of kids everyone picks on, that crummy group! Well you hang in there, know I'm your true blue friend, you can count on me! Love ya, Lori P.S Haven't you had any of this horrible rain? Its very cool here today, crazy!