Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flash Back- Things from Santa

Santa brought to me, as a child over the years, 4 beautiful porcelain babies. The largest is about 11 inches and the tiniest is just 1.5 inches!
They have been both displayed and tucked away in storage, at different times. I have recently come across these as I was sorting stored stuff, deciding what to hand on to other people, give to charity or just throw away. These are keepers! They have been tucked, not so safely, away for too long and it is time again for me to give them some love (and cleaning!). The place where they have been for quite some time was very dusty and you can see they need some attention.

I even photographed them for you here, dust and all!

They need some face washing and clothes to be laundered or at the very least vacuumed! If I am very ambitious I will restore the dry rotted elastic in sleeves too. Maybe. The doll on the top of the pile wearing a bonnet has a secret. Her head has been broken in many pieces and repaired. Lucky she has a bonnet, eh? So here's the story...the year that Santa brought her to me she was under the fresh pine all wrapped up in bright crisp paper but not cushioned inside to protect her fragile anatomy. My meany brother kicked her box and broke her. When I opened her up her head was shattered. Her sad face was still in one piece but I cried until she was put back together with lots of glue and even more drying time. Two of the dolls came with tiny little lace trimmed pillows to lie their heads upon. This dolly surely needed hers to rest and recuperate after her bonnet was put back on to hide her scars. After the glue dried!

What do you still have that Santa brought to your house? Do you have them out at Christmastime?

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Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh Amy! What a story your doll has! Santa often brought me Storybook dolls and my favorite was the girl from Sweden. I still have her.