Monday, November 16, 2009

teenage invasion

I am one of those moms that loves to have the kids (teenagers) gather at my house. That's what happened again over the weekend. E. and M. are back together again. E. is so happy!!! It was like that week of break up time didn't even happen. Oh the roller coaster ride that is young love!

So this was the scene when the old gang was all back together again (including M. too!). Forget what you have heard about baby proofing a room, that's easy. The room that is teenager proofed is much more thought filled on the part of a mom. You learn these things after the pop is spilled a few times. I wouldn't have it any other way though as I love the noise and laughter that comes with this group. They are all good kids. Above is- left to right- my A., M.W., C.M., M.P., and my E. First up was playing Rock Band. Loud. Is there any other way? It is fun to see them sing and play the songs from my teen age years which this Rock Band thing has made cool again! If not for that the teens would say, "Oh that old song. YUK!"

Amazingly A. even managed to get some reading time in, and Cali the cat and Jewel the bird looked on as the noise continued. Notice the covers on the furniture which were still trying to come off and have potential pop spill area revealed.

Throughout the night they ate and ate and ate. This goes along with teens and noise. I think teens have an unactivated switch which tells a brain and stomach "you are full". They went through 3 bags of pizza rolls, most of a 12 pack of pop, chips and salsa, snack mix, chips and a box of cream puffs. Wasn't it good that C. M. and M. W. showed up with food? They have smart moms!! Actually they brought more food than that, and they would have easily eaten it all if it had just been put in front of them!

N. came home from a day at Scout camp and was thrilled beyond words that "his brother" M. was here along with the whole gang. N. missed M. as much as E. did during the break up time. N. loves to hang out with the teens --and what 9 year old little pesky brother wouldn't? Luckily the teens allow him to hang out with them. No problem.

After Rock Band time was done it was time to bring out the karaoke machine and everyone got super silly!! And did I mention the noise level? Loud!

E. and her friend C. M. listen to M. W. hamming it up with the microphone.
Once again, a modern invention makes the old songs from my time seem cool!

It cracks me up when the teens think a song is new when it is used in a current movie or is done by a new artist as a remake. I always have to be a lame parent and say, "Hey that is actually from the 1970s and I was in (fill in the blank) grade in school during those years, and my friends were...Blah blah blah..."
Like I said- lame parent.
The singing continued until about 10:00 and then they settled in for some movie time.
And more food.
The gang all left about midnight and I sent the leftover and unopened food and pop back home with them, along with their imported entertainment devices (karaoke and Rock Band). I love that they are good kids, and how lucky am I that all I have to provide is the home (with covered furniture) and the electricity (for all the loudness)!!
I hope they come back again next weekend. Maybe I missed all this during the break up week even more than E. or N.!


Diva Kreszl said...

I love teenagaers!!! Despite their roller coaster of emotions they know how to have good clean fun (with adult supervision of course)!!!

Gerushia's New World said...

Oh how I adore a loud house filled with laughter and teens and kids. Our house is very much like that. It's good to know there are other mom's out there that enjoy their kids and all the silliness and messiness that comes along with them!

Gerushia's New World