Tuesday, December 1, 2009

777 posts and What's on the corner cupboard?

It's amazing to think about...my last post was number 777. Can you believe it? I can't! I wonder how many of them were interesting and attention keeping? I hope a few, anyway.

Soon it will be time to clear off my red corner cupboard shelves and put my vintage Christmas thingies out for display. Why not take a peek at what has been collecting dust, errr...I mean...displayed there lately? These things all just happened, more than being consciously planned. Does that ever happen at your house?

The old book Freddy and the Fire Engine is from the 1920's and is a favorite find. I love the colors of the graphics, the feel of the old pages... and the fact that my own brother is a brave firefighter.

I have a weird thing for old Fisher Price toys. I like the 1960's best, but also enjoy the 1970's. The Fisher Price radio is one that someone was throwing away because their kids out grew it (many decades ago). It still plays music.

All 3 of my kids seem to accumulate small bouncy balls (in my day we called them super balls)and although the cat thinks it's fun to have them randomly scattered throughout the house, I don't. They ended up being corralled nicely into a glass candy shop jar.

The 2 old Boy Scout books were also being thrown away by some person who thinks that any book still not on the top 10 best seller's list is much too old to bother with...so of course it now lives happily in my house among the other tattered adopted books. Since N. is now a Cub Scout he enjoys a look at what was being done in scouting even before his Daddy was born, and that's reeeeally olllld!

The red tin was my Mom's and she always had it in the kitchen filled with all those Betty Crocker points things that you tear off boxes and labels. I don't think she ever really sent them in to redeem for anything. I think it had something to do with the fact that you could buy most of those offered items somewhere locally in the store and not pay the shipping fee.

The vintage music sheets are only taped up to the back of the shelves, so they can be changed when I feel like exerting the effort at some point. I have loved the look for a while now and credit my friend, Sharon, for the idea. Thanks Sharon!

I will do a little photo shoot of all 3 shelves once it is dressed for Christmas. Stay tuned!


Jill said...

Looking forward to seeing your shelves dressed for the holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

Shelley said...

I for one have found every post I have visited very interesting...I love your blog. I like what you have displayed on your shelves and can't wait to see all your vintage Christmas Thingies(smile)displayed as well.......blessings

She'sSewPretty said...

I love peeking into your house Amy. I can't wait to see your shelves dressed for Christmas!

k.rowe said...

I love old fisher price toys too! In fact, when I was a teenager I asked my mom to save mine... I always thought when I had my own house, I'd put them all on a shelf for display ;) (I'm talking about the Little People villages... The castle and airport, etc!)

My son is currently using them for play, but when he outgrows them I'm putting them up! They just make me so happy :)