Tuesday, December 8, 2009

snow in nature and paper

I love snowman comics!!

We had our first fluffy snow flakes come down out of the gray Northernmost Ohio sky yesterday. The kind that seem to be in super slooooow motion. It makes me happy. Winter is my favorite season! I do love Autumn for the colors on the trees and spring for the burst of lush green. I am not much of a summer girl- the horrible humidity and mosquitoes we have. Our last summer wasn't too bad though. Most people around here who love the hot humid summers hated it, not me! I think we only had a few days over 95 degrees instead of weeks on end of over 98 degrees with suffocating humidity added in, like usual.

Now the northern Ohio temps are hovering around 20-30 degrees after staying in the 50's until only a couple of weeks ago. We still had vegetables (peppers and celery) stubbornly holding out in the garden, and the grass is still greener than I ever remember seeing it in December!!

These are pictures of my yard from last winter and soon it will look like this again as we are to have more snow today and tomorrow with some sleet thrown in the mix.

But, enough of the weather report.

The fire place is warm and toasty and I have been sitting nearby cutting my famous paper snowflakes like mad.

This is a batch- or shovel full, as I like to call them, from last year that sold through my Etsy shop. Hundreds of my hand cut one of a kind snowflakes have been sent all over the world. They have been seen in museums, universities, store display props in New York City, and advertising photo shoots for a famous hospital! I am so proud of their flaky achievements!!

Take a peek here for fresh paper flakes!
Look for new shovels full to be listed as the wintry days tick by.


Dawn said...

I love your "shovel full" of flakes. They are beautiful:)

Your post reminded me of the winter sign I have with the snowman and snow on it...stating, "Welcome. Some of my best friends are flakes." ha!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

i love them...m.