Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hop in the ol' station wagon, kids! We're goin' to Arby's! This ad doesn't have a station wagon but that's how the Brady Bunch would have got there, and my family too. Did you ever sit in the rear facing seat without any seat belts and hang out the back window?? Yep, I did.

Man that dog looks huge next to that sweet little girl. Ken L Ration dog food burger looked just like people food burger.

From the days when you were attached by a cord.

The days when your TV was actually a piece of furniture.

Groovy, man. Groovy!

Cough into your elbow.... We never even thought of that back then.

I swear this could be a close relative of Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View.

What a groovy modern stove!

More Ken L Ration. Remember the jingle? Sing along....My dog's faster than your dog, my dog's bigger than yours. My dog's better 'cuz he gets Ken L Ration, my dog's better than yours.

(I'm wondering if that would fly today as being politically correct? All dogs are equals aren't they?)

One a day vitamins used to come in those way cool glass bottles that every crafter is seeking these days!!


Gerushia's New World said...

Amy: How fun to look back on all those vintage ads. I truly remember that weirdy dog food that looked like real ground beef, but it was kind of dry. And the old Green Stamps. In my area, we had Blue Chip Stamps.

Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful ads. They sure do bring back a lot of memories!

Gerushia's NewWorld

Kristina said...

I'm too young to really remember any of that stuff-- but I love looking at it and marvelling at how times have changed.

Sweetfern Handmade

Jenifir said...

I remember feeding our black cookapoo puppy Gaines burgers and thinking they looked like hamburgers. And weren't the Milkbones cookies too?
My little sister had a doll like the Fisher Price ones but I had Baby Chrissy. I think that I wanted a pink princess phone or one of the old-fashioned looking ones more than Mickey. Thanks for the nostalgia blast!