Friday, January 15, 2010

A trip to the museum- Chapter 3, a furniture narrative

The DIA holds many hundreds of pieces of furniture from all time periods. These are some that I snapped photos of in order to offer some incredibly silly thoughts...

From the hall you could peek through a period window sash to get a glimpse of another time. My thoughts: No room in my house would ever stay this tidy for more than 5 minutes with my kids around!

Once inside the room you can see the set up of finely delicate yet grand furniture. My thoughts: I would have to keep a step stool tucked away inside another fancy piece of furniture in order to have something to stand on to find out what I had put in the top drawer of that tall dresser!

What a masterpiece of craftsmanship this settee's carvings are to behold. My thoughts: Were it in my house, N. would not appreciate it's masterpiece or craftsmanship and would spill something on it for sure while laughing at something Bart Simpson said on TV! Or...he would appreciate it's horsehair stuffing for it's springability while using it for a trampoline!

This oriental piece is truly full of detail and the more you look at it the more you see in the painted images. My thoughts: My sister-in-law Sue would love, but her movers would have taken a chunk out of it like they did her beautiful desk! Yikes!

This desk/sideboard kind of thing (I'm sure it has an official name) is an intricate study of skill in furniture making- carving and inlay. My thoughts: Wow! Think of the stuff I could store in/on that! Could I make it into a computer desk somehow and would anyone mind if I painted it??

Here is a very old cabinet that tells a story in it's colorful paintings over every inch of it. My thoughts: That's quite an impressive lock on there, what the heck were they locking inside? And would YOU want a cabinet with a painting of someone getting their head cut off??

Now, this next cupboard thing was so hugely humongous that it even looked massive in the museum where the ceilings go half way to the sky, not to mention how much it must weigh. My thoughts: Even though this is not my kind of decor, nor could it ever fit inside my house, let alone through any doorway (I think it is as tall as the roof of my ranch house), I would love to live with this piece for a while and put stuff inside it and just look at it. Wow, did I mention it's big!!**Sigh**

Snap back to reality....
time to go wipe the dust from some of my own treasures, much less fancy, much more humble, and much much more kid friendly!

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Lori said...

O.K I give up, what did it say the big thing was??????Lori