Sunday, January 10, 2010

A trip to the museum- Chapter 2

Don't you love these mannequins dressed in Michigan Birch bark, pine cones and burlap? They were artistically displayed in honor of one of the special exhibits at the DIA ( we did not view the exhibit due to having to pay extra ) about the fashions through the decades.
The nature dressed mannequins were flanking the entrance to the cafeteria on the lower level of the huge museum. One thing about being in a metropolitan area museum having already paid for your car to sit in a parking lot across the street for one (fairly reasonable rate) whole day ( oh and factor in that the windchill outside the cozy temperature controlled building was single digits) is that you are more willing to pay the jacked-up prices of lunch fare and find something that will satisfy your tummy even though you would not necessarily choose that dish otherwise. Whew! That was a terribly long run on sentence. *catch your breath*
After a break for lunch we continued to view the wonders and treasures that awaited us in each new room, hall and corridor...
Like this chapel. Very old and very ornate and if these walls could talk! I love when things are reconstructed and you can step into a room like a time warp.

I continue to be mostly disappointed with this camera's abilities to photograph areas of low light without the flash. In all fairness, it could have more to do with the female behind the camera. Hmmm.
I am sure the self esteem of the camera's memory card breathes a sigh of relief when I say, "Oh well, this one will stay even though it is blurry." Heehee.
Then after the chapel we moved on to find this breathtaking ceiling. I was trying to photograph it and not be in anyone else's way. It was decorated with such detail I could have put myself flat down on the floor in the middle of foot traffic in order to view it.
Guess what?After craning my neck to study it for many minutes, N. announced, "Mom!? Hey, Mom! Look! This is a big mirror that you can look in to see the ceiling better."

Good thing he couldn't read my mind before to know I was ready to lie down on the floor. Oh the embarrassment of an over exuberant museum visitor named MOM.

Stay tuned for another chapter to come soon.
You can read chapter 1 of our trip (here).

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white o'morn cottage said...

That church is amazing. I too struggle to get my camera to take a decent pic in low light. I think I will get a tripod for it. Best of luck with it. cheers Pam