Sunday, January 24, 2010

unusual box, recycle

I thought I would try to make boxes out of record album covers. I love kitschy vintage record albums a lot. I separated the front from the back of an album cover, then I used a ruler to make lines on the back side to mark the folds for the sides of the box. At first I just folded on the lines and the cardboard had a random tear kind of effect on the top folded edge, kind of sloppy. Then I used the ruler and an exacto knife to lightly slice along the line. This was tricky because in some spots I cut too deep. It did help that ragged look though. I used some wide clear packing tape to run along the edges and at the fold edged. It still looks kind of sloppy and tacky. I think, anyway.
I made the bottom of the box the same way from the back side of the record album cover - making it slightly smaller of course.

I was hoping to make some as gift boxes for a fun surprise, but I am not satisfied with the look of them. It's all about presentation, right? So, in the mean time, until I figure out a way to perfect this fun recycling craft idea, I will use the boxes I make to store some of my paper ephemera that seems to be abundant!!
This album cover was from the 1950's and says Tea and Trumpets.

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Charlotte Canup said...

Oh, my goodness ... I absolutely love the idea of making a recycled box from an old record cover. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.