Sunday, May 23, 2010

more art...

...from the walls of the DIA. So many wonders to gaze upon. I was enjoying every minute of the visit. Hope you enjoy the tour I bring to you!

This one with the jester and monkey is a little creepy- but I do like the bright colors. My kids agreed it was a little creepy but they laughed at the monkey's clothes. I enjoyed the fact that the clothing and carved marble seemed so real.

I love religious paintings.

This of course is a classic and we are lucky to have it in the museum to visit in person.
You can click on any painting to make it bigger. Enjoy!! Such treasure there, for sure!
Tell me which one speaks to you, I'd love to hear.

1 comment:

Donna said...

Hello from Texas...I Love this type of artwork! Beautiful!
Your Daughter is Also lovely as is your Son...
Loved her prom dress and impressed your Son playes Chess! Well Done!
Have a great day!