Monday, May 17, 2010

periwinkle prom

My oldest child, E., participated in a milestone event in any young lady's life. Senior prom. Although, this does not mean the end of her high school years. She will be a senior again next year. She needs a couple more credits, and in addition, she will have more preparation for life as an adult with special needs.
It is ok.
E. had a very fun time dressed in her periwinkle colored dress. Excitement and smiles.
I must confess, I had to let go of all my silly preconceived ideas of what this event would be like with a first born daughter. I thought it would be fussing over hair, make-up and all the rest, shopping endlessly for some perfect overpriced glamorous costume jewelry. I guess when I dreamed of doing all the prom thing prep with a daughter it would be like some virtual form of a dress rehearsal for a wedding to come some day into the future.
It wasn't.
She didn't want to wear make-up and asked if I could simply pull her hair back into a barrette. That's ok too.
She had a glow without make-up from her excitement that was able to shine through.
She chose to wear a faux pearl necklace given to her as a Christmas gift many years ago, she made her own earrings and the barrette was a dollar store special we had in a drawer but matched the pearl necklace all the same.
She looked beautiful in our eyes.

Now about her dress. It was a hit with the other moms of the group of girls she went with. She was more than happy to share her story of finding it for $1.50 at a rummage sale. It cost about $15 to have it dry cleaned. One mom said even with the dry cleaning bill it was a steal. I agree!! One other mom asked if it was her size (which it was) and then told E. if she wanted to sell it to her she would be willing to pay even more than $1.50!! She was serious and told E. to think about it. I don't think E. is giving it up. But if offered big bucks she may change her mind.

Her little purse was a thrifty garage sale find.
E. did ask for months and months beforehand if she could get acrylic nails for the prom. Fake fingernails being on the list of a new experience. I have never been a fan of spending money on fake fingernails. Besides, E. has healthy nails naturally and I thought a new bottle of nail polish would do the trick nicely. I tried to get out of it. I'm never one to miss sneaking a lesson into the school of everyday life, so I decided that it could be turned into a learning experience. I had E. look up in the phone book different places to have it done and encouraged her do the calling to compare prices for the service. I took her to the nail salon with the understanding that the cost would be considered part of her upcoming 18th birthday presents too. I have never had my nails done by someone else other than a daughter or friend, incidentally. No salon stories from this mom. She chose the periwinkle color of polish...and we did not even have the dress with us!!
Incidentally, I told her that fake fingernails would not get her out of doing her chores. Nice try though!

We had to get a photo with little brother N. We took a photo of the two of them on her first communion day and now we look back and laugh at how little he was. It would seem hard to remember without the photo.
His shirt says "A ninja swiped my homework". Even though he was not spiffed up in a neck tie like he is for the chess tournament and therefore a more suitable match for his formally dressed big sis, we still needed a pic!

All the moms gathered with their kids at one house to act as paparazzi. It's a necessity you know!
E. had a date for her first homecoming dance earlier this year. No date this time, but she didn't mind. She went with a big group of people. Only 2 of the 5 girls in the group had dates. Dinner and dancing was at a big elegant hotel on the river front in a nearby city.

E's friend C.
E. had great fun and great memories were made.
That's the best part of this whole milestone event.
That makes it all very ok!!


She'sSewPretty said...

Elise looks so pretty! What a steal on that dress. I know I paid way over $100 for my daughter's dress. I love the color and I love her nails. I'd get my nails done every week if I could. They're a great confidence booster.
Have a wonderful week Amy!

Diva Kreszl said...

your daughter looks so beautiful, what a great color on her! Even better when you know it was a steal :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What an epic event. Sounds like a fun event for everyone. :)

Lori said...

Oh Amy
This post on Elise brought tears to my eyes! The courage she has and the ability to be herself no matter what. Most girls would shy away from going without a date. But the happiness in her eyes say it was such a special day. I want to say to you, you have done a remarkable job being so supportive to Elise. Had it not been for all your love and care, she would of sat home. Through you she has grown so much, BRAVO MOM!!! You know I understand the challenges. Andrew begins his class at a small university this Tuesday, its so exciting but scary too! He wouldn't tell them he has Autism/Aspergers.Tell Elise she looked fabulous and loved her dress, nails and wonderful smile! I'm still shocked at the cost of the dress, fabulous! love,Lori