Friday, July 16, 2010

team spirit and ratty old views of unknown lives

Wonderful stories are inside the heads and hearts of all these girls. Can you begin to imagine how much fun they had together and the laughs they had? Secrets and dreams shared?
I really like this photo and I can't bare to part with the original so I have made copies to offer in the shop. You can get an actual reprint photo or you can get it as a digital down load by email.

Maybe you fancy old images with a little tattered, ratty personality? These original photos below are just the ticket! This one is nicely faded around the edges and her fur is pretty interesting and how 'bout that hat? She looks like she may have been the boss of the union between man and wife. What do you think?
Or, maybe they ate breakfast in silence each morning while holding hands across the table for 58 years, she sipping her tea with toast and he eating a poached egg with bacon as he reads the paper, folded and creased, next to his plate...the radio playing jazz, softly in the background from its perch on the shelf above the stove.

This original photo is charming and will fit just about any story you dream up to attach to it. Maybe they worked their fingers to the bone only to lose their farm in the dust bowl in old age. Maybe they had 6 kids and all 3 that survived to adulthood became college professors in the next big town over the mountains after leaving the small one room cabin that Daddy built from trees cut near the river.

You can click on any of these photos- you will be taken to them in the shop.

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