Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's in a name? Find out at the end of the story...

A has been sewing. The torch has been passed. My fabrics and sewing room supplies are finally getting some attention and love after sitting dormant for far too long. I do not have time to do all the projects that swirl in my (creative?) mind. It warms my heart to see her doing what I understand. Sew. She was at my side all the while I was sewing for my own business when she was a tot. Did she pick up the skill by association?

Although I have enough fabric in this house to circle the world, A wanted some specific polka dot fabric and so we went to get more fabric. More. Oh well, it was a good cause. She picked out this multi-colored polka dotty fabric with a brown background. Back when we redid her room (when she packed away all her little girl treasures in an effort to have a more teen looking lair), she wanted this kind of fabric for decor purposes and we could not find it anywhere. Maybe she is a girl who is ahead of the trends.

She also picked this fun fabric for the lining. Lining? I thought she was going to just make a simple tote. Silly me. I told her the lining choice is an example of "inside humor"!! Bad pun, I know. It is hard to tell from the first photo but one of the polka dot colors is the same blue as the lining. She drew it all out on paper and then started measuring and cutting. That's my girl. Who needs a stinkin' store bought pattern anyway?! She made it with gusset sides and bottom and even put interfacing in between the layers for stiffness.

Now she carries it to school instead of a back pack. Last night she also sewed a small drawstring back pack to carry her gym clothes in so she does not have to go all the way back to her locker (at the other end of the building) because her class just before gym is right next to the gym. The fabric for that one is another different kind of polka dots.
Do you think there is a business in her future??
The funniest part of all of this ties in to me giving A  my Montgomery Ward sewing machine (I have other machines too from my sewing business which ended when she was a pre-schooler). It was my first real grown-up purchase...well after my 10 speed blue bike I bought with babysitting money and the stereo (with ultra modern 8-track player) I bought with my first 20 or so paychecks working about 6 hours a week. I was so proud of it, the store name prominently displayed on a small metal plate on the front. I kept it so clean and shiny that I am sure I did everything short of waxing it like a male waxing a first sports car.
This is how you know you're old= A said, "What the heck is Montgomery Ward anyway?"

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SarahZ said...

Darling project! I'm project! Happy for you to share a passion with a daughter!