Wednesday, December 22, 2010


You will never guess in a million years where I got these dishes.
There are a lot of them, too.
Go ahead.

Someone's trash!
The trash.
Can you believe it?

I think #1 they got rid of them because they are not dishwasher friendly and #2 I believe they hoped someone would come grab them off the curb before the trash truck came along because they were in several neatly packed boxes with a few representative pieces displayed on top of the opened boxes, kinda like a curb-side-department-store-wedding-registry-display.

I know they are not very Christmassy but I just may set my Christmas Eve table with them.
Yes, in case you are wondering, they have been properly disinfected.
You just never know what you will find if you keep your eyes open... and your mind open as well.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Wow! I love how they had them displayed!! One man's trash is another man's treasure - for sure! Enjoy your lucky find!

Amy, wishing you a very Merry Christmas, too!!!!!


She'sSewPretty said...

Wow! Lucky you! They are beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas Amy!

Dawn said...

Another good reason to keep your eyes open to everything around you. Beautiful china that will be loved once again!

The Country Belle said...

Good for you! They are beautiful. And you will always have a story to tell when you set the table with them.

Shelley said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift...enjoy your prize :)

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Amy,
These are absolutely lovely...a lucky find for sure.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. ~Natalie

Carol said...

Hi Amy!! Wow!!! What a find~ I actually have some pieces of this pattern that I found at a thrift shop. I cannot believe someone threw them away!!

I haven't been around in a!! But hope you had a beautiful Christmas~

Carol xoxoxoxox

The Urban Chic said...

Hi Amy, I had my chiidren all here for Christmas so I wasn't around blogland too much. Love the treasure you found. What wonderful dishes When my son got rid of a lot of things, he put them curbside with a sign---Free for taking and all of it was gone in minutes---lots of cds and shoes that were still in great shape. One man's trash is always another man's wonderful treasure and yours sure did measure up. Have a Happy New Year and wonderful blessings for the coming year. Hugs, Pat