Tuesday, December 7, 2010

candy ribbons

Image is found here.

I am still here. Just busy with life's things that happen

.. you know "the things"...

Lately, just trying to keep up has been like when you're a kid and you run beside the spinning merry go round and try to desperately jump solidly on. If you just kind of jump on you have to hold on for dear life so you won't fall off. Sometimes you get dragged along for the ride until you finally get a good hold

and succeeded to climb on for the ride.

Here's to not getting dragged along for the holiday hubbub ride!!

PS= I had some holiday cheer the day I found ribbon candy in the store again this year. Actually my eagle eye boy N. spied it.


Shelley said...

I so know what ya mean :) Ho Ho Ho....blessings
That ribbon candy was my grandma's favorite...my mamas too.

pippirose said...

It's amazing how quickly it can go from excitement and anticipation for the holidays to being overwhelmed!
BTS--the ribbon candy looks wonderful. It's been ages since I've seen some.