Friday, July 15, 2011

Myrtle Must Dream

I have launched, after lots of thought and many nights of staring at the ceiling in the dark (which is where I do some of my best thinking), a new adventure which I hope will bring joy to collectors and artists alike. A place to showcase all my old, vintage, retro and antique photos.

Myrtle Must Dream is a place to search for images that speak to you.

A place to find just the right image to fill the thrifty frame you found last week with a sweet baby's first photograph done in a gorgeous pin-tucked long christening gown.

A place to discover a relative you wish was in your family tree like the man with the spectacular pocket watch and watch fob.

A place to fill that ephemera crafting supply need with maybe a portrait featuring a marvelous milliner's fashion. Or maybe you need a virtual uncle who traveled to the tombs of the Pharaohs to complete your altered art travel journal.

You always dreamed of filling your long hallway with mismatched frames showing off vintage bridal fashions?

This is the place to look, and bring a cup of tea along, you may be there awhile once I get going with listing all my photos I wish to share!!
I am just getting started, with the first 2 photos being found by clicking here. They are
Gertrude Amelia = along the path to Grandmother's house
Elmer Dean = frog in my pocket

Many treasured moments found in ordinary daily lives were preserved by many types of cameras over the years, and none of them had a delete button.
Think of the stuff we delete because it is not "perfect".
A shame. Especially for those that come after us 100 years from now.


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