Saturday, June 9, 2012

day for accomplishments

Hoping to get something really done and crossed off the list(s) today !
Everyone's fridge looks like this one... IF they dress in an apron and heels (and maybe a string of pearls), that is.

What's new?
* the kids ALL woke up (and got up) early this morning
* we will not get to play with my great nephew. change of plans, last minute
* weed and feed on the front lawn is not weeding or feeding !

Things I like today:
* antique photos
* a clean floor
* throwing things out (yes, I recycle too)
* seeing my uncle's RED roses, yesterday, all aburst (made that word up, I think)
* '96 Firebird, t - top, sweet interior

Things I want to do:
* pack up a lot of kid stuffed animals that are not played with but still loved
* put some old pictures in frames
* decide what to wear for "date night", which these days functions more like a household business meeting

Things I need to do:
* buy a new sprinkler
* plan for neighborhood pot luck
* figure out when to sleep tomorrow (full calendar. SURPRISE !)
* buy daughter a new bathing suit
* buy son a new boy scout shirt

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