Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fashion yikes

Wow. Laughable... and sometimes the 1970s are just plain hard to look at!!
My family [minus one brother for some reason and one nephew added in] Easter Sunday 1975.
I mean, come on! Even 1975 must have thought this was not a good look.
The polyester, the helmet-head hair styles, the... Oh!, it's just to frightening!
Looks like my Dad was mid-sentence probably saying something like, "Don't record this fashion nightmare because 30 some years from now Amy will be Lampooning it on her blog!"
My little nephew is the only one to escape the stigma. Even dressed as 1975 he still comes out being cute!
As I recall, this yellow polyester dress had very scratchy lace at the neckline and cuffs and the LONG zipper up the back must have been sewed in with nasty nylon thread as it irritated my skin.
Real nice.
Of course, my aunt and uncle would recognize this background!
1975 had it's good points. Clothing/hairstyle category was not one of my personal favorites.
I came across this photo and tossed it aside and then thought, "We could all use some comic releif. A good, deep, right out loud, belly laugh!!"

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Simply Shelley said...

I remember those days ;) Good to see a post from you. I've miss coming here. So how are you doing? I pray all is well. Blessings