Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blog Beautiful Blog

Here I begin to enter the scary world of blogging. I am not very modern when it comes to technology. We have only had a DVD player for about a year. We still have an 8-track player/stereo in the garage [that we still use]! I resisted a cell phone until my loving husband insisted I needed one for safety on the road. I just hate when mothers have one [a cell phone] glued to the side of their head while they have 4 kids in-tow at the grocery store. I am all for multi-tasking...but that is just UGLY! As challenging as kids are to bring along, I have never missed an opportunity to use the whole grocery store venue as a classroom. Counting, spelling, money, advertising gimmicks, time management, etc. I mean, do you really need to talk to someone THAT badly that the phone conversation can't wait? Oops, there I go - - off along some fork in the road of my thoughts.
I have already discovered that I am showing my amateurism in the blog arena. My first post "10 things about me" was much less than perfect. But then again, I am a WIP [work in progress]! I hope to conquer my blogaphobia and put forth something worthy of return visits!!

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red tin heart said...

I am pretty new to this myself. But I love it! Nita