Thursday, April 19, 2007

fun painting

A is crazy about H Kitty! That was the inspiration a few years ago when I decided to do something fun and really different in A's bedroom. We built beds inside this alcove! The space is actually as long as a twin bed and just slightly more narrow. We added 9" foam for the two mattresses. The way to the top is by a sturdy, old wooden ladder we painted white and attached to the side of the top platform.

One picture shows her sheets that I used as a guide to paint the kitties free-hand on the walls. I am also showing a view into the bottom before the mattress was added.

The top and the bottom areas are tall enough to sit up in!! Both levels have their own curtain (on a spring action shower curtain rod) and decorative strings of lights along the ceiling. A uses this area when she has friends spend the night. The bottom is always a great lounging around spot. It's pretty cool to hide out in the top (with the curtain drawn and lights lit) to read a book or listen to music!!
In her room, A also has a canopy bed that was mine when I was young.

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