Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meet Grandma Bubbles and Grandpa, Too!

This picture shows my Mom's parents; my Grandma and Grandpa - Grandma Bubbles is holding me!! I promise to tell you (later on) the reason she is called Grandma Bubbles!!
The card next to the picture is actually one of my baby announcements that my Mom sent out when I was born [almost 44 years ago]. My Mom was a saver. She saved everything! I have to say that there are many, many things that are treasures now just for the sake of surviving time. I am so glad to have those things to pass on to my kids. Thanks Mom. I could have done without some of the other treasures you saw fit to save, though. I am often talking to her up in heaven in this manner. It took, literally, years to sort through things. Sometimes it was mentally exhausting and overwhelming to decide what should stay for future generations to possess and what should just be chucked into the trash. I hope the decisions have been good ones. I even found a birth announcement card of a [now adult] cousin. I returned it to her. Yep! She was surprised!

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