Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Thrill Of The Hunt

This is a school text book I found at my church rummage sale. As you can see, the price was RIGHT! I love it because
#1- it is old [1950](by MY book standards, anyway),
#2 - it has a red book cover, and
#3 - it has great pictures inside!!
I think the anticipation of looking through boxes of junk and stuff is a real thrill when you find buried treasure. This book, cast off by someone, is now treasured by me. I really like the colors of the old illustrations. I have thrifted some newer school text books too but the pictures generally aren't so much eye candy like the old books.
I have a stack of red covered, old, tattered books. They make me happy. I have simple [yet askew] needs!
This picture of the kids waving spoke to me today. It is like my kids, waving good-bye to school as their spring break begins at school-day-end today. They will be all mine, 24 hours a day, until school resumes a little more than a week from now. I have some day trips planned. Road trips as I refer to them. Far enough to feel away from home but close enough on the off chance that someone may have to come rescue us if my car should decide to act up. Now if we could just have some spring like weather. It is currently 27 degrees!!

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