Friday, May 25, 2007

Book Review

I wanted to share with you some of my vintage book favorites from my collection.
This little dog book is from 1941. Of course I love it because it is RED! [ Read my post from 3/31/07 titled "Red Review"]

I really adore this tiny paperback book.
It must have been a give- away when it was new. I can't find a date on it. Guessing from the late 1940's.
The illustrations are like colored pencil art.

This is one of my many Whitman children's books.
All three of my kids have taken their turn sitting next to me for story time when they were really little with lots of these great books.
Now they still like to take out their favorites and read to themselves. N. is having so much fun now that he reads!!
Witnessing a child learning to read well is magical!

Here's a picture from inside. This book is from 1947.
I wonder how many of these books ended up in the trash when families outgrew them and no one had an interest in keeping them? I can't think about makes me crazy!

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