Friday, May 25, 2007

My Parents

It is 60 years since my parents married.
Here are some of their wedding pictures.
Two years ago I went to this church with my kids. I took their wedding picture album and my camera. I spoke with the church secretary and asked if I could show my kids the inside of the church and take pictures in some of the same areas as in 1947. She was very happy to turn on all the lights and tell us a little bit of trivia and history about the church.
I blew off a whole roll of film!!

Don't you love that she wore dark nail polish? I really like her bouquet. I restyled and used her headpiece from her veil when I was married!!

I don't think they smashed the cake in each other's face.
When I was married we didn't either.

They honeymooned in New England and visited Niagara Falls. I'm sure things at Niagara Falls were much more easy going as far as security measures compared to the way the world is now!!
Don't you love my Mom's purse and loafers?

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