Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Wonder...

1. How many stars are above us each night?
2. How long does it take a bird to build a nest?
3. Why do regular cars, not racing cars, have a speedometer that goes up to 130 or higher?
4. Why is it easier for a kid to keep clothes on the floor instead of in a drawer?
5. Why can't you talk to a human right off the bat when you call the phone company, doctors' office, etc?
6. Why do dust particles flying through the air on a sunny day inside my house look so magical until they all land on a surface and wait to be removed?
7. Why does my collection of the family's "orphan socks" only change through time but never become less?
8. Why do kids all think that new sneakers have the power to allow them to run faster and jump higher?
9. Why did God decide to give all three of our kids the color of hair and eyes I have instead of Bill's great, thick, curly, black hair and super awesome green eyes?
10. Why isn't tidying up the tornado that is three kids as fun as blogging?
The picture above is me when I was 2.
I could jump really high and run really, really fast in those sneakers!

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