Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bright Confetti

I have been working on a new quilt. Once again, it is from a collection of fabrics I have been hoarding in a basket, neatly folded for years. It was so much eye candy just idly sitting (collecting dust) that I didn't feel the need to rush into actually cutting it. It's so silly how one day, for no really good reason, the mood simply strikes and the colorful fabric is transformed into an actual project.

Now I am about half way done with the top. It will not be quilted in the traditional way but rather tied at the corners of the blocks. All the patterns that make up the confetti strips are also represented as a diamond somewhere else in the quilt. When it's done I will post a photo of the finished project so you can see more than a few squares. Click on the image to see better detail.

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Thank you for adding me to your list of blogs!! :D That quilt is wonderful- such happy colors! I feel just like you do about having so many creative ideas my brain feels as if it may explode, but never enough time to do them. It's hard to find the time with two little ones at home with me all day, plus I'm just slow when I create! Have you ever thought of opening a flickr account or do you ever visit flickr? They have free accounts and wow is it so fun! So much art, so many nice ladies, so much eye candy!! BUT it is very addictive! I find so much inspiration on there it makes my head spin! Have a lovely day!