Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Kite Kind Of Day...

It is the kind of day when the curtains blow at the open window and the breeze brings a wonderful warm smell into the house. A good day for washing those heavy winter comforters on the beds and drying them on the line. A time to pack away those cold weather clothes and bag up clothes to donate or give to other families as hand-me-downs. A great day for flying a kite... The kids are so anxious for school to end. As of the latest notice, the last day has been extended to Aug. 11th. A MONDAY! An unexpected fog resulted in a cancelled school day last week...and another day tacked on the end of the school calendar. I don't envy the teachers having to keep the restless monsters...uh, I mean angels... under control that last day.
Summer vacation time is so fleeting. The kind of summer vacation when each day seems to blend into the next. No assigned bed times. No bus schedules to adhere to. When I was a kid those school building free months seemed to stretch out into eternity.
Before we know it there will be back to school ads in the Sunday paper and new back packs to be picked out.
All the more reason to go fly a kite when the chance is here!

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