Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Type Keys Are Flying!

I am back in business. After a terrible crash of the dinosaur computer, we have made the huge step of diving into the world of a brand spankin' new computer! Our first ever, after a life of hand-me-downs... 5 hand-me-downs to be exact.
It is really terrifying to spend that much money!!! A great big chunk of tax refund. But oooh, how I do love my new wonder machine! The old monitor weighed about 35 pounds... the new one about 3 pounds. The old monitor took up the whole desk...the new one only about 3 inches thick. The old keyboard went clickety clackity...the new one is almost silent.
Only one hitch so far. Our scanner is not compatible with the Windows Vista Home Premium software. I went to the web site for our brand of scanner and they say they are working on an update for the driver to use with the new Vista. I can hook up the scanner on the kids' dinosaur computer (another hand-me-down) and then transfer stuff with the usb flash drive, but for now that seems like too much work and too much to learn all at once. My brain almost exploded from trying to pretend I was a computer geek while setting up the new computer.

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Yay! Congratulations on the new computer!! I was just reading your older posts and we really do have a lot in common! I liked the story of how your grandma would let your pick out fabric- that would be so fun! I love those 20s and 30s era fabrics! The truth about the Easter bunny being Santa is great!! So cute! I saw more of your artwork, too- so fun! Love the quotes and phrases you use! I'm going to add you to my list of inspirng places to visit on my blog, if that's ok?