Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sweet Music

I came across this record album in our old collection and a flood of memories came rushing back in my mind! When I was a little girl I remember being so intrigued with this picture of this unknown naughty lady dressed in whipped cream! Did you know she was actually covered in shaving cream? 
Read more about it here.

If I listened to the music today...I'm sure it would be just as delicious as I remember!!

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hello! Thank you for the ephemera you shared- I will definitely use it in my artwork! Your artwork is wonderful and so fun! Your daughter looks so cute dresses as "Anne of Green Gables"! It was (and still is) my favorite book and my favorite series of books. Have you and your daughter seen the movie- the good version, that is!? I know there are some less good versions of the movie made, but there was a wonderful one that really went by the book word for word pretty much and everything in the movie was just how I imagined it in my head as I was reading it- they did a fabulous job! Come by and visit my blog sometime!