Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On The Line

It's the time of year when I commence hanging my never-ending loads of laundry on the line. With wash loads for 5 ( 3 of them being very active, outdoorsy kids) it sure keeps a lump of money from the local electric company's pocket.
I like to think that money is better spent to buy fun ice cream cones with lots of colored sprinkles during the warm months!!!

My kids LOVE to go to our local coney dog and ice cream shop and get jr. sized cones to take to the park nearby. There is a lady working at "T____o's" who makes the best ice cream cones for my N. She uses little sugar candy eyes and lips and uses sprinkles for hair!! It always brings a giggle to my guy!!!
Besides, I like to pretend (if only in my twisted little mind) that I am like June Cleaver or Donna Reed... out hanging the wash in my high heels, full skirted-cinch waist dress, and string of pearls!
And when I walk back into the spotlessly clean house there are my sparkly groomed children sitting around the table [genuinely interested in discussing each others' day at school] while munching on cookies I have only just pulled from the oven (chocolate chips still gooey) with milk.
OOPS!... I must have just blacked out or something...

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red tin heart said...

I love it! That is a sweet story, I secretly think I am a little like June Cleaver too, but maybe a little naughtier. XOXO Nita