Monday, May 21, 2007

Simple Delights...

1. The smell of a new box of Crayolas all sharpened and ready to create.
2. New born babies' sweet,tiny toes.
3. A nice loaf of bread, warm and crusty on the outside.
4. Finding the first, fat toads of the season in my gardens.
5. Icy designs drawn by Jack Frost on the porch windows.
6. Dandelion bouquets proudly arranged by a child.
7. Jumping in puddles; wearing puddle duck boots.
8. Rice pudding with raisins and tapioca.
9. Seeing a bird outside my window gathering tiny bits of this and that to build a perfect family nest.
10. Using pretty little dishes for silly things like Sweet Tarts candy or Starburst candy for the kids.

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