Monday, May 21, 2007

Thrifting Thrills

This platter looks gray in the center because I put it on the scanner. It is, in fact, white. The green is true to life.
I just LOVE Top Cat ! This is the inside cover of the book.

I'm not sure how it feels the very moment before an archaeologist enters a new found Egyptian tomb filled with unknown treasures... but I hope for them that it is as exciting as the very moment before I step foot inside the Thrift Store!!

I slipped out for a marathon thrifting adventure while the kids were at school. Had to get home before kindergarten ended, since it is half day kindergarten. Figure in the commute time and that left just about enough time for seeking out super great goodies. Reclaimed relics!!

This is not exactly like the candy jar I found, but very similar.
(I copied this picture out of a crystal book on my scanner. I don't have a digital camera. I'm not that modern yet--hopefully some day; read my post from 4/16/07, titled "High Definition?")
My candy jar also has a fancy lid but has more of a pedestal bottom. It has its Lenox Crystal sticker and has no chips. Its very heavy!!

This thrift store is in a 4 story old building. The best things are usually hidden down in the dusty basement. You can't be shy about getting dirty or about encountering the occasional spider web. Most things are not pre-priced. If you get the right lady on the right day at the check-out you really make out on the bargains!!!!

Here's the best part: The lady grabs your things out of your basket and groups them together and calls out a price. She grouped the crystal candy dish with lid and 3 other little goodies that I found in the basement and called out $1.

Well, you can divide out the price of my candy jar any way you want...maybe each of the 4 things was 25 cents or maybe my candy jar was a whole expensive 97 cents!!!!!! Anyway you look at it I think it was the find of the day!!!!!

Some other things I found today:

several different little crystal dishes/bowls

2 different hand painted plates w/ pink flowers

a green Staffordshire transfer ware platter

several books including- Top Cat from the early 1970's and a geography book from 1948!!

A super cool morning of finds!!


She'sSewPretty said...

Where is this thrift store and when can I go with you? LOL

Anonymous said...

what great hidden treasures! I'm envious. Too busy this week for treasure hunting though. Maybe when I return from Cal. I miss ya, Sharon