Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Vintage Stitch In Time

As I am scanning these I am holding A's bunny named "Kitty" while she cleans Kitty's cage. I can report that today Kitty needs a manicure and pedicure (or is it a pedicure and pedicure?!! LOL) because her nails are long and sharp!! Boy oh boy, is she shedding too! A asked Kitty if she likes to blog with her Kitty Grandma.

These are part of my sewing ephemera collection of old paper booklet catalogs and how-to books. I have a booklet about tatting from about 1909 and I hope to teach myself -- maybe in my next life time.
I have a fascination about tatting as I know the Tsaritsa Alexandra Romanov did it with her daughters. I am absolutely CRAZY about the Romanov family. Sometime I will share with you some of my pages from my altered book I did about the last Tsar Nicholas and his family. I should have chosen a book with a larger binding because it stays open like a fan it so fat. I couldn't stop myself once I started. It includes articles, pictures, art, bits of tatting and antique buttons, bits of broken jewelry, etc... you altered art friends will understand!
I still have lots more stuff. I am starting a NEW altered book!

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