Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friends Of Miss Potter

I have noticed many of you out there in blogland have written about the movie Miss Potter coming out on DVD. I took my kids to the theater to see the movie and we all loved it to pieces. We don't go to the theater often at all, but this [I felt] was worthy of the price and big screen.We were not disappointed.

This is the cover of a nice book I bought more than 10 years ago (on clearance, do you believe?). It is filled with wonderful things. We have always been true Beatrix fans here at my house.

This is a picture of Beatrix inside the book walking the real Benjamin. This is how my E. came to do the same with her bunnies. Our neighbors don't think a thing of her being out in the yard like this {minus the vintage clothing, of course. TeeHee}!!!

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Mary said...

Oh, I love Beatrix Potter :) I still have all our things when my daughter was little (25yrs)...Books ,stuffed amimals ,dishes,and tea set. Hope to see the movie soon.
I say bunny hands and feet:) Be very careful if you trim a little nail,
they bleed easily.
Bitty Bunny used to pee
on my hubby when he wore a green t-shirt,grass?