Sunday, June 24, 2007

A New Category

Today I am starting a new category.
Curious Corners Inside.

I am starting with my corner cupboard and it's many lives. It is different again today. I have moved it into my kitchen and painted it the same Brick Dust red as my other kitchen cupboards. I will have to post pictures of that too, later. The new category will not always be about my corner cupboard; nor will it be always a corner, for that matter...but rather, a peek into my home and my many moods of changing around my [mostly] inherited and thrifted items that make me smile. So sit back for the very first tour.

This was at Christmas time and my Pfaltzgraff dishes that were my Mom's are in the corner cupboard. You can see some of my Raggy dolls collection. Almost all of my collection of Raggy dolls have been thrifted. The quilt on the back of the blue love seat was made MANY years ago by my Grandma. The rag doll w/ yellow dress is a flip doll-- she is Little Red Ridinghood minus her red cape/hood (I'll have to make one for her) and under her skirt is another doll with a two sided head, Grandma and the wolf hiding under Grandma's nightcap.She was a thrifted find.

This time the corner cupboard is displaying just SOME of my milk glass that was my Mom's. You can see some of my vintage red trim doilies and pot holders. I have lots of blue goodies. Most were my Mom's but many have been thrifted finds. I love to find vintage hankies and doilies and bits of lace to use in my displays while thrifting. Of course I always look for the right price= cheap! I made the lamp shade and added some vintage edging from a pillow case that was falling apart. RECYCLE. In my B.C. life (Before Children) I was a retail window and store display artist.

Here it holds some of my Raggy dolls. Tucked behind the cupboard on the chair rail are Raggy tray puzzles. The corner cupboard is stencilled. In the thrifted frame on the wall are photos of me playing with my different Raggy dolls while growing up. The redwork embroidered pillow cover was made by my Grandpa in the 1920's when he was recovering from Black Smallpox. I have more redwork pillows that have stitched designs I drew myself.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them for better detail.
I hope you had fun peeking!
Also a note about the corner cupboard. It was in my neighbor's garage, holding cleaning supplies and other garage type stuff for years and I always looked at it with envy. Have you ever had furniture envy?-- the kind where you can have big plans in your head for it when it isn't even yours to make plans for??? Finally I asked about it and they GAVE it to me!!!!!


She'sSewPretty said...

I loved the peek into your home. I have a friend who collects Raggedy Anns too. I have a lawyer's bookcase like yours too and mine is full of my Coca Cola collections and teddy lawyer's books...LOL

Lisa said...

I love how you change the look of the corner just by changing what's in the cabinet. Keep sharing the corners, it's fun!

Shelley said...

Hello, My name is Shelley ! Just wanted to say I am a Raggedy Ann lover to and your's look so sweet in your home.I like your your blog! Its very intresting. Been visiting for a while. Blessings, Shelley