Monday, June 25, 2007


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This was our bunny, Cotton. We loved Cotton until she went to bunny heaven about 2 years ago (we're not sure why she died).
As you can see, N. was smack in the middle of his "superman phase"! That was a period of time when I would have to wrestle that shirt off him to be laundered every now and again. The cape that is on it was transferred from a previously outgrown superman shirt. I created a monster by sewing that cape on for him! It is pretty funny, though, what little boys do!

An update on our pet baby bunnies:

They are all fine and growing quickly. They are all over the cage now and eating some of the food from their momma's dish too! Nibbles (as we call pellets of food), alfalfa, apple slices, cucumber, celery leaves. They still nurse, except now they chase after Momma to get the milk. They don't have to wait for her to bring dinner to them!!

The runt is still less than 1/2 the size of the other 2 siblings-but growing just the same! We are still deciding on official names. We seem to be calling the runt "Lucky" lately.

They are 17 days old today!!!!

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sepia art studio said...

Hello-u there! ...and thank you very mch about your compliments about my Little Marie jewelry :)

There is no other animal so loved than bunnies ( well, birds)! We have had bunnies about 9 years now, never could not live without one. One died when she birted over ten babies, which all died. When we got this bunny the previous owners said that she is he, so it was quite an surprise...

p.s. I do love and lobe Beatrix Potter, i just yesterday saw Peter Buny tales at DVD.