Friday, June 15, 2007

Beautiful Baby Bunnies

The Babies are one week old today!
Clover's little ones are doing really well and are getting bigger by the minute.
There are three: 2 are gray and 1 is white.
None of us can resist holding them and cuddling them. Clover is a very calm Momma and doesn't mind when we visit with her babies. Sometimes she counts them in the nest after we tuck them back in, just to be sure!

Here you can see the gray runt.
Right now we call him or her "peanut" but we will think of a better bunny-type name.

Clover relaxing while her babies squirm around in the nest.

This is what her nest looked like when the babies were only 2 days old.
It looked like a white bunny had exploded in the cage because she pulled so much fur. Clover returned immediately to her slim figure after birthing 6 babies and pulling about a pound of fur!!!
We put a bottle of frozen water in her cage to help her cool down when it is above 85 degrees outside.

This is what the babies looked like at only 2 days old.
The pink one is now white. We thought the runt would be gray and white since it's legs and crown looked pink.
We think they are so much fun to watch!
I will keep you posted on their progress!!!


Andrea said...

Oooh - I am having bunny lust now - they are just so sweet. And so teeny.

I had a friend that use to have a couple of rabbits and she would put a pile of potting soil under their hutch and when enough droppings fell on the pile she would shovel it all into a trash can and let it sit for a few weeks then she would mulch and plant with it. She had the lushest garden I've ever seen.

Your babies make me want to try that.

cinderelly said...

they are so tiny! so cute! we had bunnies when the kids were, we just have the kitties!

Sue D said...

Oh My! Bunnies again! Good luck little Mother's on Indian Ridge. I must agree with Andrea's statement about bunny fertilizer. We had a bunny and used his droppings for our banana trees in Texas and they were gigantic!
Oh by the way, I guess having bunnies are better than raising snakes. Ha-ha!

Lisa said...

Oh aren't they darling! I had a close encounter a few weeks ago with a big bunny hutch at the flea market. I was so tempted to buy it but had no idea how to shelter them during the long Midwest winters, so alas did not buy it. I should have stopped here sooner maybe you could have advised me on their care and shelter.
I do adore Clovers babies and will stop back to check on their progress. Thanks for inviting me over.