Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here Comes The Bride

I don't know any of these brides...
they are part of my own vintage cabinet card photo collection.
I rescued them- buying them from some estate sales about 20 years ago.
Sad how these things become orphaned, isn't it? I'm sure it was expensive to have these photos done back in the day. These brides probably never - in their wildest dreams - figured photos of their special day would end up for sale to strangers! That's why I had to bring them home.

Feel free to copy them for your personal art projects or part of an altered art endeavor you choose to sell.
(Please play nicely-- do not copy them
to sell just as photos
or as digital collage sheets. Thanks!)

1 comment:

Reena said...

i have equal facination for these pic.Pictures of Maharajas in india are one of them which tops the chart.