Monday, June 18, 2007

Graduation Memories

It's that time of year when there seems to be plenty of opportunities to eat and graduation parties.
I have found myself reminiscing about my own graduation from high school - Wow! That's me in cap and gown holding my diploma. I had my Mom cut about 8 inches from my hair the night before! I don't know why. Maybe it was a sense of a new beginning. I loved my leather, ankle strap wedge heel sandals!!
Here I am at my graduation party. My sister-in-law, Sue made my Ziggy cake. I was NUTS about Ziggy. Still am, I guess, although he is harder to find these days. The drinking age for beer was 18 and I turned 18 a few weeks before graduation. We had a keg of Michelob at the party. I thought that was a big deal!

This is in my kitchen during my party.
From left to right:
my sister-in-law, Sue, who is holding her son Jason..... my Mom, in the refrigerator..... Grandma Bubbles, my Mom's Mom..... profile of my Mom's friend since kindergarten, Joyce B. other sister-in-law, Sue, who made the Ziggy cake.
This is my all time favorite picture of my nephew Jason and me.
It was on the porch during my party. I love how he is sticking out his tongue!
I now realize that it is a modern photo in an antique looking frame--not really a good match-- but it has been in that same frame for 26 years. I loved that type of frame and used them for every photo, no matter what!! Oh well. By the way... I weighed just over 90 pounds!!!!
Senior portraits:
The 2 in the ugly wicker peacock chair are me. I hated that they had me hold that fake rose! I hated the clothes I wore. The wool vest and matching pants were scratchy! I hated how my hair turned out that day. As you can see by the top of my hair, it was always straight. The curlers actually (for a change) made my hair curl!!--but too much-- like a poodle!!
That's my best friend, Marcia, in the striped sweater. Believe it or not...I now take care of her parents, driving them around town and helping out, since she lives 3 hours away in Michigan. We met in 7th grade typing class. She sat behind me and she would bring lemon slices in a baggy to suck on during class. She did, not me. I never knew why she did! I'll have to ask her!!!!
That's my other best friend, Amy, in the purple. She now lives in Washington state. She was my maid of honor. We met in kindergarten. Her parents are like surrogate Grandparents to my 3 kids. They call them Nanny and Grampy. I only recently started calling them Mom and Dad. It was hard to break the life long habit of calling them by their formal Mr and Mrs names.
This is my Mom's graduation day in 1945!!!
She wore the white dress in the left photo. That's her senior portrait in the middle, wearing her heart locket she received for a gift [I think from her Grandma]. I have the locket now. In the photo on the right at her party are my Mom, her Great Aunt Mary and her Mother (my Grandma Bubbles).
And LOOK... in the photo on the right, my Mom is wearing her leather, ankle strap wedge heel sandals!!!!


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sounds like you have a very wonderful family life--it's so great to see. Thanks for giving us a peek. I love how you and your Mom look so similar and had the same type of shoes! lol
Smiles, Karen

She'sSewPretty said...

I love those pictures and I think I wore the same gold gown at my graduation. I might look for mine this week. that would be a fun post. This year is 30 years for me. Yikes! I'm old!

Sue D said...

Wow, that was a long tme ago for me! I had forgotten about the cake. I don't remeber if it was good, but it probably was, hee-hee. I wish I could have one more chat with Grandma Bubbles! She was so sweet.Thanks for the "memories".