Monday, June 18, 2007

The Club Girls

 Don't let the title to this post fool you, these three women were not "night club girls"...
nope, they were three very strict Catholic women. They were also very loving and fun!

They were all part of the same pinochle card club since the 1950's.

This photo was taken at a family wedding reception in the 1980's. 
(Don't the style of eyeglasses just scream 1980s??!)
Left to right:
B's mom.....B's mom's sister (she had 15 kids!)
I wrote more about this trio in my post dated June, 6, 2007 titled "My Home Sewn Wedding".
My mother-in law died from cancer 5 months into our marriage. Lots of people complain about their mother-in-law, but I really loved and truly liked mine.
B's dad died from complications of cancer surgery about 3 years into our marriage.
My mom died of cancer about 4 years into our marriage.
I wish they were all still here to see the 3 kids grow up.
There are many times I wish they were here so I could ask advice.

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