Monday, June 18, 2007

Vintage Girl

I have been going through boxes of old photos in my attempt to be more organized.
{I will have to live to be 101 to find time to scrapbook all my stuff!!}
I found these 2 photos I took of my dresser top displays in my bedroom when I was a teen . They were constantly changing, but here is one moment in time that was documented.
Above: The rectangle picture frame on the wall holds a picture of my friend Kris (seated)and me (standing) dressed up in vintage clothes. The oval frame on the wall is me in vintage clothes. The many frames are filled with my early purchases from estate sales and things clipped from magazines. If you click on the image above you can enlarge it and see my Mom's baptism booties with ruffles in the front towards the left.
Above: The 2 lamps are from my Grandma Bubbles' vanity. I always admired them in her home as a child and she gave them to me!!!! They have silk wrapped cords and silk fabric inside the shades. They are wrought iron and weigh a TON. I treasure them.
The doll in pink hat next to the pink candle was my Mom's as a child. It is a Madame Alexander from the 1930's. The other dolls were from estate sales or received as gifts. I made the tiny pillows with sewn on ribbons and the sachet bags.

So it seems I was a vintage loving, collecting, displaying kind of girl for longer than I realized.


sharon said...

These pictures look like you could have taken them yesterday. I do remember the sugar bowl and the lamps, how cool that you found these photos.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Oooo... I think my mom would drool all over that table :) Thanks for visiting my new blog and for such the warm welcome!