Wednesday, June 6, 2007

He Ran Away To Join The Circus

Here is a love story...

it is about my great-grandparents George & Anna.

George came to America with his parents at age 6, in 1884.

George became a trapeze artist with Ringling Bros. Circus in the late 1890's!!

He wanted to marry Anna but Anna's father wouldn't hear of it.

"No daughter of mine is going to marry a circus transient. You need to get a real job and take care of her!"

So George quit the circus life and became a cabinetry carpenter. He was allowed to marry Anna. They had one child, my Grandpa. [The one that loved to garden and had rock gardens and a fish pond; read my post dated 6-4-07, titled "Today In My Gardens"]

Anna died at age 76, just 7 months after George.

This is Anna & George around maybe 1905-1910. There is no date on the back of the picture.

I scanned this photo on top of the cover of some vintage German sheet music I have in my collection.

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She'sSewPretty said...

What a sweet story. He must have been a fun grandpa! Thanks for sharing.